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Angus Cattle

Why Angus?

  • Very hardy
  • Excellent mothering abilities
  • Low birth weights to reduce calving issues
  • Superb marbling, making for tender beef

How we raise cattle

Every spring we keep our best heifers for breeding purposes.  We are slowly building our herd to numbers that are sustainable for our pastures and our farm.  We begin calving in March.

During the winter months we feed our cattle a mixture of silage, straw, hay, and minerals. They are fed a balanced diet to ensure their health and growth are maintained adequately.

In late spring, our cattle are broken into groups and moved on to our pastures.

Hormone Free

Our cattle are never injected with growth hormones. Antibiotics are only used on an as-needed basis for the health of the animal. We take animal welfare very seriously and strive to provide the best conditions for our animals as possible.


We have a variety of processing options available if you would like to purchase meat from us.  All of our beef is processed locally and federally inspected.


We currently have no equipment for sale.


Periodically, we will have some grain for sale to local consumers/producers for feed or other use. Please fill out our contact us form if you would like to make an inquiry.